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"I got a great rate on my mortgage refinancing and you were honest during the whole process. Thank you!"
- Carol Thomas 

"I didn't have the best credit and was turned down 3 times before I found your site. Thanks for helping me get my home loan."
- George Arkin Buffalo, NY

"The first good experience I've had getting a mortgage loan. I will recommend First Pacific Lending Solutions  to everyone I know."
- Ben Vernes New York, NY

 What kind of debts can one put into consolidation? 
Our expert consultants can help you with unsecured debt like credit cards, unsecured personal loans, utility bills, medical bills, store cards, gas cards, back taxes, student loans etc..

 What benefits can debt consolidation offer me? 
 A quality debt consolidation plan includes two vital ingredients. The first is offering an intelligent, planned way to get out of debt. The second is the motivation on the part of the individual to get out of debt. Debt consolidation plans provides you the convenience of making one monthly payment, which in turn is managed and distributed by our partners to your creditors. Usually, this one monthly payment is lower that the current monthly payments being made individually, meaning that more of the client's money is working to pay off the principal - the actual debt - instead of just interest on the debt. This is why a debt consolidation plan can get you out of debt faster.

 What impact will a debt consolidation plan have on my credit?

A debt consolidation plan enables you to reduce debt and have your payments recorded as prompt payments, both of which are excellent ways of improving your credit rating.

 What are the reasons for refinancing? 
There are many benefits to refinancing; it just depends on what your objectives are. Some of the most popular reasons are:

Refinancing may put money back in your pocket every month.

If rates are lower now than when you originally financed your home, or if you choose an adjustable rate mortgage with a lower initial interest rate than your current rate, your monthly payment will go down (assuming you don't shorten the term or increase the loan balance significantly). That means you can save more every month or afford those dance lessons or dinners out or new suit you've had your eye on. Not only that, but you probably won't have to scrape together money to bring to the closing table either, because you can usually include all of the costs to close your loan in the new loan amount.  

Refinancing may put a lot of money in your hands today.

If you have significant equity in your house, you could get a cash-out refinance and walk away from the closing table not only with a new loan but with a large amount of money to invest or to use for a once in a lifetime opportunity - like an extensive vacation, college, home improvements or the purchase of a boat or anything else you've been dreaming of all your life.

Refinancing may get you out of debt faster!

Refinancing your current loan to a fifteen year or a bi-weekly loan may be possible without even raising the payment significantly, particularly if rates were high when you first bought. You could save thousands and thousands in interest and own your home many years before you would with a standard 30 year loan.

  How much can I borrow? 
You can borrow up to 100%. In some cases even more of your home's appraised value.

 When is a good time to refinance ? 
The best time(s) to refinance your home is when the mortgage rates are you are in need of fast cash for any reason.

 How does a refinance closing work? 
The refinance closing will be conducted the same way that your loan was closed when you first purchased the property. Soon after your loan is approved your loan consultant will send a list of documents you'll need to bring to the closing. You'll also be sent an Estimated Settlement Statement that tells you the amount, if any, you'll need to bring to closing in the form of a cashier's check, as well as an outline of how the funds from your new loan will be disbursed. If this is a refinance of a primary residence, the loan won't actually fund until three business days after signing the loan documents, due to the borrower's right of rescission.


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